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Fios eletrônicos

Universal ICT/EOL Test System

The necessary test requirements to meet the demands of the industry are increasingly volatile and difficult to achieve, demanding a lot of time and effort from test teams that increasingly need to adapt to the growing increase in

complexity of PCBs.

To address this automation challenge, Blue Eyes Systems developed the UIET, Universal ICT/EOL Tester.

Go-to Market

Minimize the adaptation period between new requirements and product launch

Test Time

Increase productivity by reducing test time through parallelism strategies and/or multiple test sockets


With an interchangeable fixture  use the same system for validating different products using the same machine


With shorter testing time, greater flexibility  and more modularity lower your total application cost

Blue Eyes Systems UIET Solution


Turn-key solution for up to 4 DUTs in production line:

4 independent test chambers

Integrate your Systems

Customize your systems according to your needs, consult a Blue Eyes Systems representative and check the integration options offered. You can also have your own in-house development team performing system customization so you have full control of your system.

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