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Flex Monitoring

Condition monitoring systems as an embedded system that helps the user to constantly see certain behaviors of the system of interest. The main focus is on preventive and predictive maintenance, that constancy of measurements means that possible failures are found at early stages.

FlexMonitoring brings to the user all the monitoring capabilities of complex, real-time systems with a high density of measurement channels. However, the abstraction of its configuration allows all this robustness to be done and used in a few clicks.

Revolutionizing the way we see monitoring systems!


Quick setup, for acquiring and storing multiple signals of different qualities


In a few clicks the system is already functional, acquiring data and verifying alarms.


Embedded operation, that is, it does not depend on a computer to perform measurements


It makes the development of monitoring routines more efficient, and condenses all signal possibilities into a single plug-and-play system

Blue Eyes Systems Flex Monitoring Solution

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MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Turn-key solution for system monitoring:

Possibility of portable system, in a case, or mounted directly on the electrical panel of systems.

Integrate your Systems

Customize your systems according to your needs, consult a Blue Eyes Systems representative and check the integration options offered. You can also have your own in-house development team performing system customization so you have full control of your system.

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