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Engenharia Eletrônica

Paving the future of technology

Automation of Production Line & Laboratory Tests

Validation of Electronic Components and Boards

Wireless Solution Development

Systems Control and Monitoring 

Programming and Design of Embedded Systems

Automated Test

Sistemas automotivos

Business units

We deliver products and services that solve the greatest technological challenges of the 21st century

We create solutions that catalyze prototyping, production and post-production processes through Hardware-in-the-loop systems, automated test, control and monitoring systems.

Programação em LabVIEW

Our products

Increase the productivity of your systems without increasing costs

Blue Eyes Systems offers Turn-Key products to solve major engineering challenges: rapidly increasing complexity of requirements, modularity and cost. 

Treinamentos LabVIEW


Treinamentos LabVIEW
Want to start your journey on the cutting edge technology road?
Check out our mini-course "LabVIEW from A to Z"!
  • 100% Online
  • Our classes are recorded and allow you to have more convenience and the choice to watch whenever and wherever you want.

From beginners to advanced, our three-course package will allow you to have a broader and more objective view of what LABVIEW is all about!

Treinamentos Engenharia
Need to train your engineering team?
Blue Eyes Systems offers customized courses:
  • In-person or Remote
  • Live classes with a certified instructor
  • Courses for the maintenance, development or quality team 

Train your professionals and reduce downtime and development costs and exponentially increase quality

The possibilities are endless