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PCB Tester

NI TestStand is test engineering software that abstracts many concepts from developing, debugging, and implementing test routines. With these powerful concepts in mind, Blue Eyes Systems created a hardware abstraction tool to plug and play into their tools and allow even more speed in the development of their test tools.

Plug and Play

Autonomously detects  the acquisition boards, matrices, CAN boards and DMMs

Test Time

Reduce development time with an intuitive library that abstracts key day-to-day obstacles


If your hardware is not supported, the Blue Eyes engineering team develops the new feature exclusively for your team.

PCB Tester Add-On

Test Systems Development Tool

Test steps for In-Circuit

Integrate your Systems

Customize your systems according to your needs, consult a Blue Eyes Systems representative and check the integration options offered. You can also have your own in-house development team performing system customization so you have full control of your system.

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