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Quality Testing and Validation

Development of on-demand devices for product validation in the commissioning, construction, prototyping and approval phases.

In-Circuit & End of Line Testing

Fixtures and Acquisition systems for characterization and validation of pre- and post-assembly PCB boards in production. In addition to performing the functional analysis of the circuit.

Solutions for Wireless Systems

Measurement, characterization and approval of wireless signals from mobile networks, IoT protocols, 5G, infotainment systems, radars and software-defined radios.

Condition Control & Monitoring

Implementation of customizable acquisition and control systems for characterization and/or monitoring of machine or system conditions, allowing the study of processes and/or performing preventive and predictive maintenance more efficiently. 

Embedded Systems & Hardware-in-the-loop

Real-time simulation systems for non-destructive characterization and prototyping of highly complex systems such as: aeronautical, automotive and electrical power systems, 

"All our science, compared to reality, is primitive and innocent; and therefore it is the most valuable thing we have."

Albert Einstein

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