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Empower your employees and increase your productivity!

LabVIEW A to Z

Start your journey through the graphical programming paradigm with LabVIEW and maximize the power of your curriculum by adding one of the most valuable tools in Engineering


LabVIEW Maker

Control your Raspberry PI or your BeagleBone Black with LabVIEW along with LabVIEW and low cost embedded, this course guides you from the basics of signal acquisition and programming to building complex applications.

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For Companies - On Site Classes

Train your professionals and reduce downtime and development costs and exponentially increase quality


For Companies - Remote Classes

Live classes with qualified instructors for your engineers to study from wherever they are without having to leave and with the same quality as a face-to-face class

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Scientists and Engineers
"All our science, compared to reality, is primitive and innocent; and therefore it is the most valuable thing we have."

Albert Einstein

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